Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday

So in this exciting edition of "thesmilefactory" I went to church for lunch with a co-worker who was kind enough to take me along. The mass for Ash Wednesday was somewhat abbreviated as it was only 40 minutes. All the content was there except for the hymns. :( That's too bad because I like singing.

By the time you read this, this box will long have been empty.

Afterwards my co-worker and I stopped by McDonald's for a quick grab and go lunch. Funny enough, the parking lot was insane as everyone came straight from mass. xD

PS. I had a Filet-O-Fish and Small Fries.

BTW, exactly 9 more months until my birthday. You people better start saving up. :D

Also I love it when the scripture readings come from the Book of the Prophet Joel. I mean, it's a short Book in the Bible, so it's nice to see it every now and then.

"slow to anger, and of great kindness"

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  1. Whaddup Joel! Good post, love the reference to Joel. That you are! Dude, your looking good in the pic bro (in the most heterosexual way), keep going man and be proud!