Saturday, February 21, 2009

Getting in the Groove with a side of Mach 1.

The Manila Groove to be exact.
Mmm. Breakfast time with J & J. It came a little late during the day, but still, breakfast! I couldn't wait.

The prior night we had been thinking about all the different "silog" dishes on the menu:

TociLog (Two Eggs, Pork Tocino, Tomatoes and Fried Rice)
Chicken TociLog (Two Eggs, Chicken Tocino, Tomatoes and Fried Rice) LongsiLog (Two Eggs, 3 longanisa, Tomatoes and Fried Rice)
Tapsilog (Two Eggs, Beef Tapa, Tomatoes and Fried Rice)
Bangsilog (Two Eggs, 1 Baby Daing na Bangus, Tomatoes and Fried Rice) Jepsilog (Two Eggs, Jeprox, Tomatoes and Fried Rice)

Mmmmm!! Only if they had Spamsilog :/.

I don't really know many decent Filipino restaurants in the area so I was hoping this place would be good. As it turns out, it ended up being a nice little Filipino restaurant that to my surprise was actually very clean. I'll have to stop by again for meryenda (lunch).

Immediately after "breakfast", I headed over to Santa Ana High School to catch some Mach 1 Wrestling action! Bell time was 2pm and the show itself lasted only until 3:40 with a few 10 minute intermissions sprinkled throughout the show.

There were a few matches throughout the night, however the main event was the BATTLE ROYAL to crown the very first M1W Champion.

Contestants battle it out.

TJ Perkins looks to avoid elimination.
Joey "Magnum" Ryan takes a breather.
The Red Tornado upsets the field to become the champ.

The Highspot of the Show.
This girl....
got hit onto this guy...

She fell, sitting down on his lap...
and the chair didn't stand a chance.
BTW, Holy "fecal matter" chant erupted soon thereafter.
PS. I had the Longsilog :/. I really wanted the Chicken Tocilog, Tocilog, or Tapsilog but they were out. :(. Next time!

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  1. haha i eat here from time to time depending on what the menu says online. it's not the best filipino food but it's the only thing you can find on this side of orange county!