Tuesday, February 24, 2009


8 to 4. :(
Today, I had to attend a work conference. It was an all day event full of intelligent speakers, (a free) lunch, and well, I was bored to death.

You guys are beautiful!
So since this is "the smile factory" I put on my best face and give my beautiful readers a smile. :). (I think I was just happy that I got to leave a little early.) :D

PS. Lunch was only free for me because I was volunteer. :/ It was a Boston Market with a half rotisserie chicken, side salad, mashed potatoes w/ gravy, and a cornbread. And yes C, the mashed potatoes were the bomb.


  1. SWEEETT! the mashpotatoes are all the matters. :]

  2. I wonder if the VP at Black and Veatch said to his coworkers on his first day,

    "I'm VP, Veatches!"

  3. Seriously! Hahah, now you're all my little veatches.

  4. you look like john in these pictures btw.