Thursday, February 26, 2009

M & T's Slideshow and Ruth's Chris

Tonight there will be more to come, however until then. For all of my worktime readers, please check out theaperturphoto blog and view the M and T slideshow, it's incredible.

To celebrate J & J's engagement, I wanted to take them out for dinner. So with Orange County Restaurant Week currently going on, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take them to Ruth's Chris Steak House. :D

J & J
J & J with a cool little effect.
Brother J and I, with natural lighting

Ally <3.

PS. I had the house salad, the 6 oz. Filet and Shrimp, a berry and a chocolate dessert.


  1. Sweet man, I haven't seen J and J in a while. Tell them I said wassup, or if they are reading this, wassup dudes!

    Looks like it was an awesome night!

  2. Eh, it was alright. I think I was expecting something more.