Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Stand by Me Because I'm Yours
mp3 Download link here: J - Stand By Me Because I'm Yours

It was done in one take so I apologize for the shoddy guitar and singing job but hey, it's my little treat for all my Valentine's aka readers out there. Enjoy.

Valentine's Day 2009

I met up w/ R and his roommates and the ever so fun N at Pierce Street Annex. The place was standing room only and to my surprise, there weren't too many cougars tonight. There were actually a lot of younger girls (I may have to rethink this place). The music at first was pretty hot. I loved what they were playing, a good mix of hip hop with 80's and top 40 in between. The music definitely added to the energy, so I finish up my drinks and me and the gang went out dancing. Oh, FYI, I suited up. :D and on J's advice I wore my corduroy blazer because well it feels nice.

The whole night itself was lots of fun. I actually got kinda worn out dancing because the dance floor was so crowded that everyone was sucking so much oxygen that I had to stop a few times just to breathe. It was so crowded that some girl who was dancing up behind me got too close and freaking headbutted me! WTF! Also the DJ as the night went on sucked. Who plays the whole damn song?! Change it up man! But it couldn't stop me. I was having too much fun dancing and protecting N from freaks :D.

BTW, N has really cool dreams. :)

So Co, Midori, and some other stuff. It was actually quite pleasant.

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