Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

It was like being stuck in a $*!#@% painting.

It was horrible. It started off being stuck in traffic at 3am on the 5 freeway. I was at a dead stop for 30 whole minutes. Literally people left their cars and walked around. There was even a guy behind me who proceeded to dance in the middle of the highway and climb on top of his buddies vehicle. It was awesome. I probably should of joined him. At least I could of burned off some of the calories from all the boozing and I could of probably talked to the girls in his car. :/

I finally reached home at 4am, where instead of sleeping I played a round of Dynasty Warriors to let off some frustration. I fell asleep shortly thereafter but I woke up 3 hours later at 7:30 and I couldn't go back to sleep. I called C and she being on the east coast didn't mind how early it was, and she helped me relax after a few hours of hearing me whineeeeeee. :D. Then I was able to get the rest of my sleep.

For me, Superbowl festivities started a little late for me as I didn't wake up until the first quarter was halfway through.
I gathered myself up from my rut, got dressed, picked up some Paradise Cookies for the game, and headed out to Carson.

Dead from last night's party, we try and watch the game.

Tired M&T. M in the background works on the hardest puzzle ever. (Not Pictured)

Watching the game and my camera.

Naples. Hell ya.
Ribs, Brisket, Chicken, and Bangers. Hell ya.

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