Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pro Wrestling and Oiwake

Today was jam packed.

Before I get to this, let me start off from the beginning.
In the morning I ran all my errands: alterations shop, breakfast, haircut, rubik cubing....
BLAH BLAH BLAH..... who cares right?!, you saw that picture and now you just want me to get to the good stuff. RIGHT RIGHT?! FINE FINE... Let's jump straight to Wrestling.
So at 2:00 I headed out to SA High School, which was almost impossible to find, to watch some Pro Wrestling! Where I heard the most awesome song. (To hear it check out The matches were alright, nowhere in my opinion near PWG quality but it was still cool nonetheless. I think I'll end up going to their next show in February.
Johnny Goodtime has Mega Man on his trunks. The manager for the hairy wrestler riles up the crowd.
M trying to hit me with a chair because I convinced him to come to this.
Once wrestling finished, I primped myself up and headed out to Downtown LA for M and R's birthday bash at Oiwake. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS!
Happy Birthday Sister.
As I arrived, I walked in the bar and instantly, I knew I overdressed. Everyone just had daily casual wear: tshirts, jeans, sweaters, and jackets. I on the other hand: black slacks, dress shoes, buttoned up tucked in polo.... ehh, at least I had my "hater blockers".

D and J enjoy the times.

Brad Pitt and D.

3 unbelieveably sexy people.

Something seems fishy here.

For $1 you can be on the receiving end of this.

It was one crazy night.

M & J Pre Pre-Party.

All smiles.

Best Friends.

J's fantastic M&M cupcakes.

I loved me some Red Velvet. Absolutely perfect.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Welcome back home.

Father and Son.

Welcome back Auntie L and Uncle N.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

"don't be a b"

Rule #2.

"don't be a b"

This is what I learned yesterday. J spoke to me at work with plans for the night and me being my usual uncommittal self, I just wanted to play it by ear.

But honestly I'm jumping ahead. The day started off in ER. Where I woke up on my sisters Dr. Frankenstein makeshift bed.

Couch + Ottoman = Bed

I joke, but in reality, it was pretty comfortable and more than I expected. They only had one extra blanket and M tried to help me out by throwing linens and what appared to be a green rug on top of me as the mornings there are pretty chilly. But only because she's my sister, not only did she just throw them on me, she proceded to wrap me up like a burrito. She actually did such a good job in wrapping me that after she was done, I could only move my head. xD.

Next thing I knew the "dark hour" had past and I was awake for the new day. I gather my things and get on my way to work where I find a Mothereffing Parking Ticket! ARGH! Apparently it doesn't matter if the curb is painted red or not next to a fire hydrant. No matter what, there needs to be a "15ft. clearance" around the fire hydrant. Honestly, I'm not angry at the law, it's a reasonable law. I'm just pissed that It's not painted red. I mean, who really knows that law?! Everyone only knows by the red!!! So now I'm out $53 bucks. :(

So the day goes by... work, lunch at Veggie Grill w/ K, more work.

So on the drive home from work, I swing by C, to visit the homies, and I get convinced (both by my them and by myself to hangout). And just like that we're on our way to Santa Monica, to "Father's Office".
Credit to:

So the whole story in itself is pretty long so to save myself from having to type up this crazy adventure let me summarize:

I forget my wallet and I can't enter.

R and I decide to walk around the area and let M, J, K, and N hangout.

I want burgers still so R and I find the nearest McDonald's for 2 for $3.50 Big Mac's. Using R's iPhone we find the closest one which is:

During our walk we travel thru, Santa Monica???, Culver City, and Los Angeles. we:

  • Accidentally ran a few crosswalks which nearly got us hit by oncoming traffic.

  • Jaywalked.

  • Found signs of our possible impending doom.

  • were chased by a dirty looking couple.

  • passed thru a neighborhood of crack houses

  • ran past a dark empty canal

  • survived the "out of asia" experience

  • dodged traffic

  • Found a "Chinese Laundry"

  • and scared the living $#@& out of each other for fun.

And for what reward??

Sorry T I know we were suppose to have Big Mac's but I was hungry!!!
"This better be the best McDonald's Ever."

PS. I had the Big Mac's.

PPS. R had the McFlurry

PPPS. Look at the receipt's price and better yet Zip Code.

Video Reward Bonuses:

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bulls on Parade

LIVE LA Looking Impressive

With compliments from E, I was invited to the Bulls/Clippers game. Which is really cool for me as it's a rare opportunity for me to see my favorite team, the Bulls in person.

E, T, and M.

Thomas, Deng, and Sefolosha look for the rebound. Baron Davis pulls up for three on the Franchise.
I saw Joakim Noah's kid outside before the game. :D
The game itself was a load of fun, plenty of food, and lots of distractions (Damn those Clipper Spirit girls have ABS!). Looking at the crowd, the majority of fans actually came to see the Bulls. I myself sported some black jeans and my "Wholly Cow" Chicago Bulls T-Shirt. :D No Pictures Sorry :(.
Highlight of the night: The Bulls running out the clock to a standing ovation by half the Clippers' home crowd. :D Awesome.
Afterwards, we headed back to ER and I crashed on my sister's couch.
PS. I had the "Skyscraper Dog", Popcorn (which I spilled all over the aisle and steps), and a Diet Coke.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

Lunch time with J.

The Beach.



Far Away.

PS. I had Salmon, Turkey Sausage, Brown Rice and Steamed Veggies

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Nut Fell Off!

On my guitar. :p

You sick-o.

I repaired it. And gave it new strings. :D

My old Yamaha F-310 Guitar, Stringless, Nutless. :(

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Paintball and Sushi Mac

This weekend started off earlier than most. J and I woke up at 7am to get ready to head up to Hollywood Sports Park in Bellflower. There we joined M's group with Jada Toys and we had ourselves some crazy fun. You see it had rained earlier so everything was mud, and well, thank goodness I had cleats. Because the playing field was so slick, I really wasn't afraid of getting hit, I was more afraid of falling awkwardly and tearing or twisting something.

My outfit consisted of layers. HAHAH. Lots of layers. I wore like 3 layers of pants and a really baggy hoodie on the top to absorb any shots. You see, this was my first time ever going so I didn't know what to expect, and I can honestly report that, it does not hurt that bad. Getting hit feels like someone pinching you, it stings, but after a while it goes away. That being said, I have a welt on my gut and my forearm is still sore where a paintball didn't burst. :(
We played around 10 matches featuring two styles of gameplay, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag, the latter being my favorite of the two. Lots of people didn't like the rental guns but my problem wasn't with my gun as much as the facemask. Next time I go, I think I'm going to bring my own. Not only was facemask grungy and all kinds of nasty, it also fogged up. Making this game damn near impossible to play. Other than the facemask though, it was a fun experience. I had a few good "shootouts" and M freaking got me on the leg. The paint didn't burst but I didn't know and I left the game. No excuses though. If this was real life and if that was a bullet, I would of been down so 100% credit to M on his "kill". In total, I "marked" three enemies and only "marked" twice on my gut and on my shoulder. (I also got shot on the top of my head but it didn't burst. It left a bump though :( ) Oh and as a safety tip, because this is what my blog is all about safety :), please continue to wear your mask when you've been eliminated. I got shot in the head on the sidelines and thank goodness I had my mask on.
I'll post pictures from Paintball later.

Later that night, after a long long long shower. We headed back north and went to Sushi Mac. We were suppose to celebrate J's b-day which was last weekend, HAPPY Belated B-Day J! But there was a last minute change in plans.

Ultimate Foosball Championship Title Awarded to J and R. (The belt is at M's place J. I wanted to present it to for your birthday. :/)

However, we still went and it was good. Sushi Mac + J = Happy J.

Try the Dynamite Mac Roll. And always use Spicy Mayo.

J, J, M, T, and C. In order from Farthest to closest.

L, R, M, and R on this side.

PS. I had the California Roll, Dynamite Mac Roll, Shrimp Tempura Roll, and Spicy Dynamite Mac Roll. (All with Spicy Mayo :D )

Friday, January 23, 2009

Free Breakfast

That's right, you heard me. Every Friday Chick-Fil-A is doing a free breakfast promotion (with purchase of a beverage) and I took advantage on my day off. Then I went to Target where I did some shopping for some cheap paintball gear.
PS. It was a Chicken Biscuit. :D

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Nothing much going on today, so here's a picture of my dinner.

PS. I had baked salmon with brown rice, veggies, and ketchup drizzled on the top. :D

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Today I met up with J and A after work and had a "Happy Inauguration Day" dinner.

Yardhouse at the Spectrum

I spent a lot of the night listening to J and A because they're so interesting. I actually found myself somewhat amazed at the conversational abilities of the two. They're pretty good at keeping any topic going and I'm somewhat envious. :).

All in all, we all had a great time and hopefully there are more days like this to come.

PS. I had the sliders.