Thursday, February 12, 2009


Happy Belated Birthday to Me!
Today, I had dinner with some awesome people at Maggiano's in Costa Mesa. Usually our group does a few lil' get togethers every now and then, and today's dinner actually was a celebration. That's right people, a CELEBRATION! It was a Birthday dinner for me!
You see, my birthday is actually in November, however since I'm a "turkey baby" (my birthday usually falls on or near Thanksgiving), I never really plan anything for myself as it's hard bring together people during the holidays. So to have a surprise dinner in February, that's pretty damn cool!
Dinner itself was hilarious as usual: we sat in the very corner of the joint like we owned the place, we THOROUGHLY analyzed every dish on the menu, voted multiple times on our appetizers, gave uncessary stress to N for our order, planned probably another group trip, they teased me for buying rubik's cube stickers, talked about why Chris Brown allegedly beats up women, how Christian Bale is a douchebag, our jobs, and somehow made up a jingle to the theme of "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands" with the lyrics, "Stick your finger down your throat and throw it up. *clap* *clap*".
The service was cute, I mean good. :D. Although she kept changing the rules on us. I mean come on, you don't just bring out 2 creme brulee's to start then 1 then on out. Bring us 2 each time! And granted she was nice and friendly, and it's also her birthday coming up soon, you just don't play with our Creme Brulees. We take that very very seriously.
So thank you guys again for such a fun time and the gift! (How did ya kno! :D)
J, N, J, A, and R.

J, the biggest Creme Brulee slut I know. And I say that lovingly.

Bonus Pictures:

It's not what it appears to be.

How cool is that!? (Thanks A for the baking tip)

PS. We had the: Stuffed Mushrooms, Calamari, 2 Salads (Maggiano's and another one), Gnocchi with vodka sauce (it tasted like Mac and Cheese), Rigatoni D, Chicken Marsala, Chicken Saltimbocca, the Apple al a Mode, and the Creme Brulee.


  1. Dude it's a cupcake! How cool is that!! I thought it would burn the cone but it doesn't! I was so excited when I had it.