Saturday, February 28, 2009

Are You Sure Guys?!

Don't judge me.
So today, I went to watch the Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li with S, C and S, in what started out apparently as a joke, but I thought they were being serious. And because of this, here we were in a questionable decision to watch Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li (or as one reviewer calls it "Black Belt Norah Jones"). I only wish I had a picture of the comment cards that we were given from the "filmmakers" to review their movie. And being the honest movie critic that I am, I graded the film to my honest opinions. S's comment card however just had one giant "X" on it.
We turned it in. xD.
Afterwards we all went out to Lazy Dog Cafe where my food got undercooked. :(
Quotes from myself, S, C, and S:

Me: @ 3:10 "Let's get our tickets now!! It's gonna sell out!"

S: "I'm embarrassed to know you."

C: "Did you tell anyone you were watching this movie"

S: "Ya. People looked at me funny and shook their head."

S: "J, shouldn't you be in line? I mean, how are we going to get seats?!"
Me: "Hey, where's the taped off area that says 'Line for SF starts here'?"
S: "*laugh* Heh, if there was one, it probably would be in your handwriting."
C & S: "It was better than In the Mix"
S: "That scene where she walked through the rain should of been 20 minutes longer."
Me: "Agreed"
Me: "It was better than I thought! I liked it more than Underworld, Mulan 2, Ultraviolet, and that Sandlot movie with Luke Perry. *shudder*"
S: "You watched Mulan 2? I didn't even know that movie existed."
Me: "It does, and Mushu is the villain."
S: :?
S: "Just shoot the damn gun in front of where they're running!"
Me: "Shadaloo (pronounced in the movie as Shad-uh-lau)??? I always thought it was (Shad-oh-leu)."
and countless more but I can't post them or else the movie will be ruined!!!
PS. I had the Bacon Wrapped Steak Coulotte and Mashed Potatoes.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Worktime Fun!

It all started with lunch at Sushi Mac. Yes, again. Not only is it that good, but it's the first Friday of Lent. Where else should I of gone?


After getting back from lunch, I still had some time to kill so I visited co-worker's M's cubicle where she introduced me to "chia seeds". Apparently, it's a popular "super food" that is suppose to give you an energy boost and help you in burning excess fat. :? (Like that new smiley? I just made him up. :?. He's skeptical :D)

Apparently you're suppose to use a tablespoon a day and you can mix it in water, put it in your food, or even eat it plain. So she gave me some extras she had and I put it in a glass of water.
Chia Seeds + Water = Jello? :?

I wasn't surprised with what happened when putting the seeds in the water because that is how M had been taking it, but that doesn't mean that I wasn't a little freaked out in putting that stuff in my body. After quite some time which entailed contemplating about digesting this concoction, using the internets to research this "super food", and just simply psyching myself up, I drank and chewed it all down. And to tell you the truth, it's pretty good.

Friday afternoon traffic sucks. :(

After work I hung out with Co-Worker D at his friends going away. Really fun gang of friends who were all quite welcoming and fun. And surprisingly for a group of engineers, there were quite a few girls. xD Go Cal Poly. And since I was given the heads up on this fact and that a few were single, I suited up.
PS. I had the California Roll, the Shrimp Tempura California Roll, and 2 Dynamite Mac Rolls. All with Spicy Mayo.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

M & T's Slideshow and Ruth's Chris

Tonight there will be more to come, however until then. For all of my worktime readers, please check out theaperturphoto blog and view the M and T slideshow, it's incredible.

To celebrate J & J's engagement, I wanted to take them out for dinner. So with Orange County Restaurant Week currently going on, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take them to Ruth's Chris Steak House. :D

J & J
J & J with a cool little effect.
Brother J and I, with natural lighting

Ally <3.

PS. I had the house salad, the 6 oz. Filet and Shrimp, a berry and a chocolate dessert.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday

So in this exciting edition of "thesmilefactory" I went to church for lunch with a co-worker who was kind enough to take me along. The mass for Ash Wednesday was somewhat abbreviated as it was only 40 minutes. All the content was there except for the hymns. :( That's too bad because I like singing.

By the time you read this, this box will long have been empty.

Afterwards my co-worker and I stopped by McDonald's for a quick grab and go lunch. Funny enough, the parking lot was insane as everyone came straight from mass. xD

PS. I had a Filet-O-Fish and Small Fries.

BTW, exactly 9 more months until my birthday. You people better start saving up. :D

Also I love it when the scripture readings come from the Book of the Prophet Joel. I mean, it's a short Book in the Bible, so it's nice to see it every now and then.

"slow to anger, and of great kindness"

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


8 to 4. :(
Today, I had to attend a work conference. It was an all day event full of intelligent speakers, (a free) lunch, and well, I was bored to death.

You guys are beautiful!
So since this is "the smile factory" I put on my best face and give my beautiful readers a smile. :). (I think I was just happy that I got to leave a little early.) :D

PS. Lunch was only free for me because I was volunteer. :/ It was a Boston Market with a half rotisserie chicken, side salad, mashed potatoes w/ gravy, and a cornbread. And yes C, the mashed potatoes were the bomb.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The "New" Guitar

My New Martin 000-Custom Satin. <3
Makes me :)
Makes me happy.
Made me poor. xD.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Today since I figured you didn't want a picture of me shopping again at Target, or me playing J in SF II HD or SF4, I thought it would be cool if I posted a few pictures that I did a 'lil "tweaking" to.

Damn, talk about a run on sentence.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Getting in the Groove with a side of Mach 1.

The Manila Groove to be exact.
Mmm. Breakfast time with J & J. It came a little late during the day, but still, breakfast! I couldn't wait.

The prior night we had been thinking about all the different "silog" dishes on the menu:

TociLog (Two Eggs, Pork Tocino, Tomatoes and Fried Rice)
Chicken TociLog (Two Eggs, Chicken Tocino, Tomatoes and Fried Rice) LongsiLog (Two Eggs, 3 longanisa, Tomatoes and Fried Rice)
Tapsilog (Two Eggs, Beef Tapa, Tomatoes and Fried Rice)
Bangsilog (Two Eggs, 1 Baby Daing na Bangus, Tomatoes and Fried Rice) Jepsilog (Two Eggs, Jeprox, Tomatoes and Fried Rice)

Mmmmm!! Only if they had Spamsilog :/.

I don't really know many decent Filipino restaurants in the area so I was hoping this place would be good. As it turns out, it ended up being a nice little Filipino restaurant that to my surprise was actually very clean. I'll have to stop by again for meryenda (lunch).

Immediately after "breakfast", I headed over to Santa Ana High School to catch some Mach 1 Wrestling action! Bell time was 2pm and the show itself lasted only until 3:40 with a few 10 minute intermissions sprinkled throughout the show.

There were a few matches throughout the night, however the main event was the BATTLE ROYAL to crown the very first M1W Champion.

Contestants battle it out.

TJ Perkins looks to avoid elimination.
Joey "Magnum" Ryan takes a breather.
The Red Tornado upsets the field to become the champ.

The Highspot of the Show.
This girl....
got hit onto this guy...

She fell, sitting down on his lap...
and the chair didn't stand a chance.
BTW, Holy "fecal matter" chant erupted soon thereafter.
PS. I had the Longsilog :/. I really wanted the Chicken Tocilog, Tocilog, or Tapsilog but they were out. :(. Next time!

Friday, February 20, 2009


My Dresser.
I decided it was time to clean my room. Well, to be more specific, organize my clothes. So I put all the clothes I don't wear anymore in a old bag and put them under my bed thus making more room in my closet and dresser for clothes I do wear.

My Closet is still messy. :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Vista :(

Today, I tried fixing my co-worker's PC. I got it up and running but when installing all the drivers, something happened and corrupted their HDD, so now I got to do it all over again. :/

Vista = Lame. Dell = Lame. Vista + Dell = Craaap.

There would be more from today however I fell asleep before 9pm. I was really tired I guess.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Baby Showers and Gina's

So today my boss put me in charge with organizing the baby shower for my supervisor (it seems kind of odd that a guy is in charge of a baby shower :/).
According to her though, I was perfect for the job because I could use my "charm", "cute smile", and bat my eyes. Ok, the last one was a joke. Oh and did I mention I'm a sucker for having to say "yes". But seriously, even my boss thinks I'm a flirt! WTF!

I picked out the card. :D

After work, I had dinner at Gina's with N. I left craving the oddest things, New Zealand Lamb and Corn Mutton :/. Too bad there was no time for that as I had to p90x right after.



I L-O-V-E Utada.

PS. I had the Sicilian Chicken w/ melted mozzarella & marinara sauce.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Grand Theft Scooter

Look closer.... still don't see it?
Don't judge me. I needed wheels! They were our group's scooters anyways and there were no more keys left in the office. If anything, I'm resourceful.
oh and by the way.
D, DF, F + P

Monday, February 16, 2009

Shopping with J

Isn't this a super cool Voltron shirt?!

I didn't buy it though. It was a bit too much and plus I didn't know what the writing was saying. :(

Oh well. I did buy 2 pairs of shoes though (Diadora's). Shopping is fun. :D

Ooh, check me out. I even got the "lean" going.
Crosseyed. HAHAHA. I love this picture.
BTW: I also gave my car a name besides "The Blue Lion". Her name is Ally. :D
(Short for Allura)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Stand by Me Because I'm Yours
mp3 Download link here: J - Stand By Me Because I'm Yours

It was done in one take so I apologize for the shoddy guitar and singing job but hey, it's my little treat for all my Valentine's aka readers out there. Enjoy.

Valentine's Day 2009

I met up w/ R and his roommates and the ever so fun N at Pierce Street Annex. The place was standing room only and to my surprise, there weren't too many cougars tonight. There were actually a lot of younger girls (I may have to rethink this place). The music at first was pretty hot. I loved what they were playing, a good mix of hip hop with 80's and top 40 in between. The music definitely added to the energy, so I finish up my drinks and me and the gang went out dancing. Oh, FYI, I suited up. :D and on J's advice I wore my corduroy blazer because well it feels nice.

The whole night itself was lots of fun. I actually got kinda worn out dancing because the dance floor was so crowded that everyone was sucking so much oxygen that I had to stop a few times just to breathe. It was so crowded that some girl who was dancing up behind me got too close and freaking headbutted me! WTF! Also the DJ as the night went on sucked. Who plays the whole damn song?! Change it up man! But it couldn't stop me. I was having too much fun dancing and protecting N from freaks :D.

BTW, N has really cool dreams. :)

So Co, Midori, and some other stuff. It was actually quite pleasant.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Raw Danger and the Fabulous Five

*drip* *drip* *drip*
Huh? It's raining outside but why is my cubible getting wet?
*runs to boss*
Me: "S, is there a laboratory right above us?"
S: "Yes, you're directly below a lab."
Me: "Because something is dripping on my desk."
S: "WHAT?!"
Long story short, someone upstairs had broken a De-Ionized Water valve and pushed all the water to a drain which overflowed and well, landed on the floor below them. (no I did not write blow them :p). Here are pictures of the damage.

Trash cans attempt to catch the falling water.

My "rain suit up" coat is used to cover my PC monitor.
I wasn't the only unlucky individual. :/

But hey, things can't be all bad?! Riight?!
Well, after being relocated at work for the day, I just couldn't wait to get off. Being the night before Valentine's Day, I wasn't sure about wanting to head out. But for some reason, M & J always, somehow, get me to go along. :)
So we had a lil pre-party, grabbed K and J, and pre-partied some more and headed out to "The Room" in Santa Monica. I was definitely hyped as I've heard so many good things about this place (fun, good music, lots of dancing, and the british asian girl who greets the patrons). I'll be honest, I was really looking forward to the latter, but as we got there, there was no one. It was a ghost town. "F****** recession." M screamed. It was dead. We drove around a bit longer around the area hitting up all the local places but no luck. Starting to lose that "loving feeling" we all had, we all started to frantically text as many people as we could, looking for a place to party. No luck :(. (BTW J, you need to take my phone away from me earlier!) Luckily on the way back, we ended up in Hermosa where we stopped by Patrick Malloy's which was poppin. I was happy. I got to dance.
And that my friend's is how I spent Friday the 13th.
All it took me to go was one awkward wink and smile. ;/. HAHA. The Fab Five. (Front: J & K, Back: J & M) (not pictured me, I'm taking it duh.)

We're awesome!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Happy Belated Birthday to Me!
Today, I had dinner with some awesome people at Maggiano's in Costa Mesa. Usually our group does a few lil' get togethers every now and then, and today's dinner actually was a celebration. That's right people, a CELEBRATION! It was a Birthday dinner for me!
You see, my birthday is actually in November, however since I'm a "turkey baby" (my birthday usually falls on or near Thanksgiving), I never really plan anything for myself as it's hard bring together people during the holidays. So to have a surprise dinner in February, that's pretty damn cool!
Dinner itself was hilarious as usual: we sat in the very corner of the joint like we owned the place, we THOROUGHLY analyzed every dish on the menu, voted multiple times on our appetizers, gave uncessary stress to N for our order, planned probably another group trip, they teased me for buying rubik's cube stickers, talked about why Chris Brown allegedly beats up women, how Christian Bale is a douchebag, our jobs, and somehow made up a jingle to the theme of "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands" with the lyrics, "Stick your finger down your throat and throw it up. *clap* *clap*".
The service was cute, I mean good. :D. Although she kept changing the rules on us. I mean come on, you don't just bring out 2 creme brulee's to start then 1 then on out. Bring us 2 each time! And granted she was nice and friendly, and it's also her birthday coming up soon, you just don't play with our Creme Brulees. We take that very very seriously.
So thank you guys again for such a fun time and the gift! (How did ya kno! :D)
J, N, J, A, and R.

J, the biggest Creme Brulee slut I know. And I say that lovingly.

Bonus Pictures:

It's not what it appears to be.

How cool is that!? (Thanks A for the baking tip)

PS. We had the: Stuffed Mushrooms, Calamari, 2 Salads (Maggiano's and another one), Gnocchi with vodka sauce (it tasted like Mac and Cheese), Rigatoni D, Chicken Marsala, Chicken Saltimbocca, the Apple al a Mode, and the Creme Brulee.