Saturday, February 7, 2009

Shot Through the Heart

M, you give love a bad name. :(
You see, today was years in the making.
It was going to be epic, no, no, it should of been, more than that.
It was suppose to be LEGEND, and I hope you don't have an allergic reaction to this because it's, DAIRY.
This was suppose to be Team Awe's "One Shining Moment".
You see, I'm talking about the UFC.
The Ultimate Foosball Championship.

But before I continue, let me introduce these modern day gladiators:

M & T (Team E-Team)

V & S (Team VHS)
M & C (The Self Proclaimed Champions)

J & M (Team Awe)


J & R (Team Woo)

Things started off strong, with a hard fought win over The Self Proclaimed Champions.

C looks to do some damage.

The intensity was there right from the start. This semi-finals match was one for the ages. Scoring was fast as both teams looked to impose their will on one another. M&C fought to early leads in both games and scored some high skill level goals, however destiny would not be denied as Team Awe had just enough to defeat The Self Proclaimed Champions.


After securing our place in the UFC finals, The Woo Team played the winner of the newcomers bracket, Team VHS (who had a knockout dragout match with the E-Team). And after a major scare from Team VHS in game one, Team Woo took their spot in the finals in straight games.

Team Woo satisified after their Semifinals victory.

The finals were set. Our birth rights were within sight. All we had to do was take down "el terrible", "team ugly".... the woo team.

The finals started off strong with a back and forth battle featuring finess, power, enthusiastic fans, and high level techniques.

But sadly victory was taken from our stick turning hands as we were literally "Shot Through the Heart".


Bonus Pics:

Quote of the night S: "Eat my ass."


  1. hahah eat my ass!!! YOU SUCCCK YOU SUUUCCKK!
    talk about the intensity.

  2. "Hey Joey! Eat their ASS!" -S