Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pro Wrestling and Oiwake

Today was jam packed.

Before I get to this, let me start off from the beginning.
In the morning I ran all my errands: alterations shop, breakfast, haircut, rubik cubing....
BLAH BLAH BLAH..... who cares right?!, you saw that picture and now you just want me to get to the good stuff. RIGHT RIGHT?! FINE FINE... Let's jump straight to Wrestling.
So at 2:00 I headed out to SA High School, which was almost impossible to find, to watch some Pro Wrestling! Where I heard the most awesome song. (To hear it check out The matches were alright, nowhere in my opinion near PWG quality but it was still cool nonetheless. I think I'll end up going to their next show in February.
Johnny Goodtime has Mega Man on his trunks. The manager for the hairy wrestler riles up the crowd.
M trying to hit me with a chair because I convinced him to come to this.
Once wrestling finished, I primped myself up and headed out to Downtown LA for M and R's birthday bash at Oiwake. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS!
Happy Birthday Sister.
As I arrived, I walked in the bar and instantly, I knew I overdressed. Everyone just had daily casual wear: tshirts, jeans, sweaters, and jackets. I on the other hand: black slacks, dress shoes, buttoned up tucked in polo.... ehh, at least I had my "hater blockers".

D and J enjoy the times.

Brad Pitt and D.

3 unbelieveably sexy people.

Something seems fishy here.

For $1 you can be on the receiving end of this.

It was one crazy night.

M & J Pre Pre-Party.

All smiles.

Best Friends.

J's fantastic M&M cupcakes.

I loved me some Red Velvet. Absolutely perfect.


  1. Best Saturday ever bro. Invite me to the next mach 1, dark match, event.

    "That was the sickest move you've ever seen."

    Just don't sit me next to the creepy guy this time! haha!

  2. "That was sick."

    Seriously dude, that guy was all kinds of creepy. I think he was jocking you.