Thursday, January 29, 2009

"don't be a b"

Rule #2.

"don't be a b"

This is what I learned yesterday. J spoke to me at work with plans for the night and me being my usual uncommittal self, I just wanted to play it by ear.

But honestly I'm jumping ahead. The day started off in ER. Where I woke up on my sisters Dr. Frankenstein makeshift bed.

Couch + Ottoman = Bed

I joke, but in reality, it was pretty comfortable and more than I expected. They only had one extra blanket and M tried to help me out by throwing linens and what appared to be a green rug on top of me as the mornings there are pretty chilly. But only because she's my sister, not only did she just throw them on me, she proceded to wrap me up like a burrito. She actually did such a good job in wrapping me that after she was done, I could only move my head. xD.

Next thing I knew the "dark hour" had past and I was awake for the new day. I gather my things and get on my way to work where I find a Mothereffing Parking Ticket! ARGH! Apparently it doesn't matter if the curb is painted red or not next to a fire hydrant. No matter what, there needs to be a "15ft. clearance" around the fire hydrant. Honestly, I'm not angry at the law, it's a reasonable law. I'm just pissed that It's not painted red. I mean, who really knows that law?! Everyone only knows by the red!!! So now I'm out $53 bucks. :(

So the day goes by... work, lunch at Veggie Grill w/ K, more work.

So on the drive home from work, I swing by C, to visit the homies, and I get convinced (both by my them and by myself to hangout). And just like that we're on our way to Santa Monica, to "Father's Office".
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So the whole story in itself is pretty long so to save myself from having to type up this crazy adventure let me summarize:

I forget my wallet and I can't enter.

R and I decide to walk around the area and let M, J, K, and N hangout.

I want burgers still so R and I find the nearest McDonald's for 2 for $3.50 Big Mac's. Using R's iPhone we find the closest one which is:

During our walk we travel thru, Santa Monica???, Culver City, and Los Angeles. we:

  • Accidentally ran a few crosswalks which nearly got us hit by oncoming traffic.

  • Jaywalked.

  • Found signs of our possible impending doom.

  • were chased by a dirty looking couple.

  • passed thru a neighborhood of crack houses

  • ran past a dark empty canal

  • survived the "out of asia" experience

  • dodged traffic

  • Found a "Chinese Laundry"

  • and scared the living $#@& out of each other for fun.

And for what reward??

Sorry T I know we were suppose to have Big Mac's but I was hungry!!!
"This better be the best McDonald's Ever."

PS. I had the Big Mac's.

PPS. R had the McFlurry

PPPS. Look at the receipt's price and better yet Zip Code.

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  1. Can you say..."Faster than a speeding bullet?"

    hahahahhahaha...good stuff.

    We'll put on the heater and but more blankets. =)

  2. I meant to say "Buy" or if you plan on staying over..."BRING" your own blankets. =)