Friday, January 16, 2009

The Rusty Pelican

Tonight featured a fun night with the Irvine Crew.

5 Super Sexy People

Thanks J and J for inviting me out. And yes yes, you were right, I did like the band. They were pretty fun to listen to as if you couldn't tell be me trying to sing every song! :D

Jam. They're good.

A's Beer

I'd definitely recommend this place. The crew was comparing this place to what Mai Tai use to be like, but more loungeier. The vibe was really chill, the people were nice, and the view was great. Two Thumbs Up.

Also 2 things have been added on my travel list: the Oxnard Strawberry Festival and the Chicago Food Festival? Or is it called Dine Chicago? I forget.

Oooh, and on the way home I hit a sobriety check! My first one ever while driving. It's good to not lie and say you only had one. :) I got tested by the cop. He made me follow his finger. I passed. :D

P.S.: J, J, C, and C, Look here's proof! I tried. :/ It's ok. :)
PPS. I had the garlic bread.