Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bulls on Parade

LIVE LA Looking Impressive

With compliments from E, I was invited to the Bulls/Clippers game. Which is really cool for me as it's a rare opportunity for me to see my favorite team, the Bulls in person.

E, T, and M.

Thomas, Deng, and Sefolosha look for the rebound. Baron Davis pulls up for three on the Franchise.
I saw Joakim Noah's kid outside before the game. :D
The game itself was a load of fun, plenty of food, and lots of distractions (Damn those Clipper Spirit girls have ABS!). Looking at the crowd, the majority of fans actually came to see the Bulls. I myself sported some black jeans and my "Wholly Cow" Chicago Bulls T-Shirt. :D No Pictures Sorry :(.
Highlight of the night: The Bulls running out the clock to a standing ovation by half the Clippers' home crowd. :D Awesome.
Afterwards, we headed back to ER and I crashed on my sister's couch.
PS. I had the "Skyscraper Dog", Popcorn (which I spilled all over the aisle and steps), and a Diet Coke.


  1. Hahahha...good times...sorry our apt is FRICKIN' CHILLY.

  2. Psh, not just your apartment, but you got a confused shower too! Pick one, HOT OR COLD!

  3. it's all about speed & timing with the shower. I'm still recovering from my 3rd degree burns. hahahahhaha...