Saturday, January 17, 2009

Moving Day and More!

First off, I'd like to apologize as I would have taken more pictures today however my camera died! :( Oh well, I did get the big event of the day on film though.

Caravan-ing from I to ER.

M & T moved away from Irvine today :(. Bye sis and new bro. :( It was really cool for me to see them start their lives in their new apartment in ER which I think is awesome! And I love the neighborhood it's in! :D And I love their layout for their apartment. There's sooo much space! :D

J is so strong, he lifted that with one hand ya kno.

The move was actually pretty painless and it was super fun too with O, M, K, J, and T. I think O got me in a Chow Yun Fat/John Woo moment as I'm lying down on a furniture mover trying to ride it to the apartment door. :D

T was nice enough to treat the group out to Oinksters! It's described as a "Slow Cooked Fast Food". I got the Pastrami Sandwich for lunch and the Rotisserie Chicken for Dinner. The fries were excellent, and I love the variety of sauces they got. Their Garlic "Hummus" type sauce and their Chipotle Ketchup were my favorites. And although it was really good, I think we overdid it to the point that I'm just Oinked out. :D

Too much food.

But before dinner at Oinksters, we hit up Circuit City for their going out of business sale. Nothing really great, and no good sales either. :/ Not worth it, especially the Pasadena store as they limit how many people get in. And it's not like one out one in, it was like everyone out and no one in. And their store wasn't even crowded. Total BS.

After that, we came back to Irvine and I headed out to Pierce Street Annex, where I met up with with a whole bunch of Civil Engineering Buddies. :) It was really good to see S again as we hadn't seen each other since graduation! What a fun person! And N, hahaha shake shake shake that moneymaker! :D Again no pics as my battery was dead. As the night went on, most of the Civils left, and it was just me and R, so I did what I do best. I danced. And dance I did. I went around solo just asking people if they'd let me join their dance circles. I like to ask bigger groups as it's easier to meet more people and just dance. But there were some real jerks out there and people would wouldn't let me dance with them. So what do I say to that?!

SCREW YOU! Hahaha.

I did find a few groups of people let me join their groups to dance though. A group of girls and guys who were celebrating M's birthday. The group seemed pretty fun, and was willing to dance any style possible. I ended up running into them later that night again as I was leaving the bathroom, and they were some really cool people. M, a special ed instructor, also went to UCI and was really nice, T, from the South Bay was a fun loving person who could just groove, and all the other's E, B, W, M, all really nice people. And I was glad I ran into them. I wasn't thinking during the time and looking back probably should of exchanged contact info just to have some more dancing buddies, but oh well.

But other groups were just as fun. I ended up dancing w/ 2 cougarettes (A & M), a lovely latina girl A, 2 asian girls whose names I didn't know but they were ok, kinda snobby actually so I avoided them, but at least they let me dance, a group of older ladies who groped me! (ewww), and a the group of the 4 asian girls who let me dance them (well 2 did, the other 2 seemed pretty hesitant).

It was an alright night, the cougarettes (prolly mid 30's) were hunting me down all night hahaha, they kept coming back as I would float towards other groups and dragged me away. Luckily, the latina girl cut in on the cougars and saved me. Lucky for me, she was a really fun girl! She could move her hips really well and was loads of fun. She could dance pretty well and played off of all my different dances. HAHAHA. I got some pretty positive signals but I didn't act on anything. She teased a bit then left after awhile to sit with her friends. I was pretty sure she wanted me to come over, but I chose not to and found another group of people to dance with. I kinda regret it again because now I can't contact that person to be "dance buddies". And "dance buddies" are really hard to find. :/ Oh well.

Highlights of the night: Being told by a whole bunch of girls and even guys (Thanks J and M) that I was a good dancer. HAHAH. Which I think is hilarious!, Being dragged away from 4 asian girls by 2 cougarettes (lol never have I felt so popular), Meeting a bartender T who hooked it up with a whole buncha H2O and was really sweet to me. And well, meeting nice people who would just let me dance with them. It's so hard going dancing if your friends aren't there with you because It's way too hard to not seem like a "creepy guy". :/


Some exclusive photos for those who scrolled this far down.

Thanks O for taking this shot.

PS. For lunch I had the Pastrami Sandwich
PPS. For dinner I had the 1/2 Rotisserie Chicken


  1. HAHA. You are the inspiration for that comment. It's now my adopted dancing motto.

  2. WTF? You went there for dinner too?

  3. Yaaa, we went there for dinner to M wanted it after she got home from work. :D