Friday, May 1, 2009

Jab, Strong, Fierce

9/80 Fridays with the people I love are some of the best days a guy could ask for. It all started around 11 when we headed out to Alhambra to check out Gallery Nucleus' Street Fighter art tribute titled "Jab, Strong, Fierce".
Dhalsim and Fei Long mix it up.
Overall, the pieces were pretty cool to look at I was thoroughly impressed, but to tell you the truth, some pieces sucked. Hahaha. I just wish I was there opening night.
After the show, we all were pretty hungry. So after talking it out, and being the, "hell ya, let's do it" group that we are, we headed out to El Tepeyac in East LA.
I know, I know, those Horchata's are huge! :D
There was a short line to get in, but once inside, there was only one thing to get. The Manuel Especial. A burrito at over 5 lbs, it is the burrito to end all burritos. BTW, if you can, avoid getting guacamole there. It's expensive.
After the excruciating car ride home, I went out with R to watch R's T-Ball practice. R likes to run, hit and field with his eyes closed. He thinks it's funny. Silly kid.
To end our day, R, M, J, and myself endured a 2.5 hour line for the Kogi Truck. During the time, we met up with R, M, and J's old buddies.


In the end, I couldn't get the Burrito and Sliders that I wanted so I ended up getting 4 tacos of various fillings. And they were great... just not 2.5 hours waiting in line great.
PS. We had the Manuel Especial with Carne Asada, Chips, Guacamole, and Horchatas. At the Kogi Truck, I had 4 tacos: 2 spicy pork, a spare rib, and a chicken.

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  1. 9/80 fridays rock! man, that burrito knocked me and M out cold for a good 2 hours!