Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sleepless in Vegas.

Ever party in Downtown Vegas? Me neither, until now. It's completely different from the strip, but I still had a good time, and I even made new friends.

There was really only one place on Fremont for me to go dancing, so I headed on down to the Golden Nugget and up to their 2nd floor hotspot Gold Diggers.

I went solo on this adventure as the others were a mixture of tired and sick. Upon entering, the first thing I noticed was that, how do I say this, the place had a nice mixture of people. All kinds of people were there, for better or for worse, but hey at least they play good music.

So, I reach for my wallet and put down the $5 cover and waltz straight onto the dance floor. I kinda walk around at first as I usually do and feel out the crowd to see what the vibe is and look for friendly faces. Finally I pick my spot in what I think to be a pretty huge group that I thought was celebrating someone's 40th birthday. The group was really fun and included tons of people: young, old, couples, (possible lesbians), there even was a really cute 20 or 30 something blonde who was flirting with me but seriously, I think she was with her husband, or someone who kept close eyes on her, so I kept my distance. :D After a while, some of the group ended up leaving the club and I found out that the people I had been dancing with were actually really just a handful of mini groups that joined together to form one large group. How fun!

The rest of the night I partied it up with J and A, a really fun couple from Minnesota. They both are really fun outgoing people and I'm glad we got to hangout even after dancing. But to me, what was really awesome is that... they both could dance! We danced the cha cha, we krunked it up, and we even booty popped a bit too. We had so much fun we didn't leave until the club kicked us out at 4:30... am!

But just because we had so much fun didn't mean that the night didn't have it's drama. Here's a short list of the crazy things that happened:

1) Some big guy passed out in front of Glitter Gulch and hit his head on the ground as he proceeded to throw up all over himself.
2) Some girl at Gold Diggers got so messed up she passed out, hit herself on something in the bathroom and had to be stretchered out by the paramedics.
3) Ladies of the night that frequent the club right before closing are hideous, and obvious ladies of the night. (High heels, muffin top, no undergarments, tiny purse)
4) I had to make 2 saves (regarding these ladies of the night with the people I was hanging out with).
5) Hot Dogs at 5 am are awesome. Thanks Fremont Hotel.

Picture on my phone (to be posted later)

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