Saturday, May 16, 2009

(Vegas) Turnaround...

... every now and then I get a little bit lonely.... (hahahaha)
This song has nothing to do with today but I do like breaking occassionally into song. And when I say occassionally, I mean often. And when I say often, I mean all the time.
Anywho, today was Vegas day! And boy did it start early. 5:06 am to be exact. I looked at the clock. Thanks M for the extra 6 minutes of sleep.
Eventually we were on the road:
With the ultimate goal of reaching...
The Cast of Characters (in order of appearance):

(J and R not pictured)...

I can't say too much but, it was a fun trip full of... breakfast, the office, the family feud, the sound that 2 cars make when they hit each other, 700, making our own beats, two thumbs up, and krispy kremes.... and that was just the car trip there.
The rest of Vegas was a blur full of what possibly were some hilarious times.
Oh well.

They look nice.

Work Consultants.

I love to dance.

Great shots whoever took this.

BTW: Thanks J for handling my phone this time and preventing any dumb mistakes.

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