Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wrestlemania Pool Party

I didn't take too many pictures here, because if you know my rule, if there's a pool involved, no pictures. I don't want people taking pictures of me in my trunks and I'm sure they don't want me taking pictures of them half naked either.

But here's a shot of some of us watching Wrestlemania, which was a pretty good show. Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker had a great match that kept me guessing, the MITB match had some nice high spots as did the Hardy's match, but for me, it was all about watching Ricky Steamboat vs Chris Jericho. Steamboat still got it!
P and A enjoy the show.
Granted however, 100% of my attention wasn't on just the show, not will billiards, darts, and barbecue! M did a great job grillin' up some food, and it was dee-lish.

Munch got me on my way out. :(

PS. We had brats, burgers, chicken, chips, sodas, and spare ribs. :D

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