Saturday, April 25, 2009

House Hunting and More.

After a late start to the day, J took me and J to Fuji Grill for lunch. It was awesome. Imma start going there more often.
Fuji Grill in Orange, Ca
Truthfully though, I was a lil upset that I couldn't make the art show I wanted to see in Alhambra. But I didn't let that get to me too badly as I cheered myself up a little bit by being a candy bandit. :D
We checked out these guys' cakes. But for a bakery, I did see a lot of packaged bread in the back. Doesn't seem like they do much baking there.
After we got a slice of cake, we drove back to Irvine, to rest a bit. Resting for us included a few matches between J and I in UFC 2009 for the PS3 where we both discovered that Chuck Liddell is the greatest submission fighter of our era. HAHA.
But this last too long as we headed out House Hunting! And off to Moreno Valley we went, where... we weren't too thrilled by the surrounding neigborhoods. I think I will though head back out there and check out the area near the 60 and the mall.
Moreno Valley, CA
Here I was pretty bummed. I had such high hopes for this place but it just didn't turn out the way I wished it had. So after a quick dinner at Farmer Boys, we headed home.

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BTW: Charging for carpool on the 91 is lame. Screw you.

PS. At Fuji Grill I had the Mini Chicken Bowl and Mini Crunch Roll. At Farmer Boys, I had the Fish and Chips Platter.

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