Saturday, April 18, 2009

Villa del Sol d'Oro

I love this shot.
Today, J and J took me to see where they're going to have their wedding and their reception. So excitedly I brought my camera and took some shots.
Dragons greet you above the doorway.
Someone's wedding reception is being prepped.
Another shot.
The Library.The Bride Room.Stupid shadow ruined a nice shot.
I hope Villa del Sol d'Oro puts me on their website. :D HAHA.
Before heading to church, we decided to go eat at this little place called "The Only Place in Town" in Sierra Madre. The food was actually pretty good even though the service was odd. After eating I coerced the group to check out Chick's and their "store closing" sale where I picked up a few beanies at 70% off. :D

Outside "The Only Place in Town"

The church.


The Blessed Virgin Mary outside the Church.

After visiting the church, we hung out with M&T for a bit and were able to relax after a long long day. But we still weren't done yet because before I knew it, it was tasting time.

The Tasting.

A blurry night shot. (I couldn't hold the camera still. :/)


PS. At the Only Place in Town I had, the Chicken Fish and Chips meal... delicious and not greasy surprisingly. For the tasting we tried lots of stuff everything is like tapas size or an amuse bouche. (Spare ribs, stuffed chicken, a curry pastry, bacon wrapped scallops, pasta, tritip, bread, stuffed mushrooms, and maybe something else. I forget.

BTW: Derrick Rose is awesome.

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