Thursday, December 3, 2009

Frag Out!

Let me be honest here for a bit, today I feared for my life. You see here at work, a huge bulk storage chemical tank nearly exploded. And in my area! OH NOES! So I was called onto the front line where I was ready, in full on chemical suit, gloves, and protective face shield. Armed with only a sample bottle, I winced and prayed that upon opening this valve that I wouldn't be hit with highly pressurized, burning hot caustic.

Long story short, I lived to write this thrilling write up, and the above picture was the look on my face after returning back knowing that the tank would not erupt. :o.

As a reward, I was summoned downtown to go to archives and pull some paperwork. :I However, don't fret, I was joined for lunch at T.O.T. with J to celebrate her birthday a few days early. Happy birthday J!

PS. I had the Spicy Tuna Bowl with Side Salad and Miso Soup

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