Monday, June 15, 2009

Pomodoro and Pinkberry

Today, a few friends came out to celebrate A's birthday at Pasta Pomodoro. It was a pretty nice and relaxed dinner with J and I trying to get the rest of the group to understand how cool a supermarket could be (That's right, I'm talking about Publix).

After dinner, I met up with C and E for a lil' yogurt. E I hadn't seen in probably a year so it was more than overdue for us to catch up. All in all, it was a busy night. Oh ya, I still went home and p90x'ed it.
Thas rite.

PS. At Pomodoro I had the half order lasagna, and at Pinkberry I had the original yogurt with white chocolate and capt'n crunch.

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  1. Publix has no equal, we had our prom there!!!