Friday, June 5, 2009

I'm Bi-Coastal Baby!

The View From Our Hotel at the Walt Disney World Swan.
Today was a fun day. It started off with a free continental breakfast at the Omni which had a delicious everything: omelet, sausage, croissants (YUM!), and they have the coolest tiny Tobasco Sauce Bottles.
I tried everything that looked and sounded good. We even met a few Brits who sat next to us who were supporters of Liverpool... we actually met many of these people during our trip. (It makes me wonder if I met a footballer?)
Anyways after eating J and I put on our swimsuits and headed out towards the pool. First we tried the lazy river. And boy was it lazy. It was so fun just lying on an innertube and just letting the current take me away. Idiot me, doing it the hardway to no avail, tried jumping through the hole in the innertube and getting my legs up and over it. I almost made it a few times, but all in all I kept tipping over. HAHA. I even scared like a 4 yr. old kid who was afraid of getting in the water.
Building up a little courage, J and I then travelled towards the other pools swimming in each one, but while in doing so made a detour at the water slide. "Never again", we said. It was way too fast for old folks like us. Hahaha.. I think we're too heavy. Because both of us went careening down the pipe while these lil 50 lb. kids were falling out of the slide like raindrops as we crashed through the water like ice in an Alaskan winter. Still it was really fun.
Afterwards, we packed up and checked out of the beautiful Omni Hotel and Resort and made our way towards.... the doctor's office? Ya, M had a pretty bad ear thing so we got it checked and the doctor who was built like the Juggernaut perscribed M the things he needed to get better. This actually turned out to be a Godsend because if it wasn't for that stop, we would of never went to Publix!
Publix is like the coolest grocery store ever and I hope that one day one will open up in California. It's so clean, cheap, and their products are actually really good. Publix BBQ Chips... yum!
From there we checked into the Walt Disney World Swan Hotel where the front desk guy didn't understand out "complimentary requests" and failed to hook it up in anyway shape or form. :(
Dinner today took place at Bahama Breeze and we ordered a Chicken Dish and Paella. It wasn't bad.

Super Cute.

From there we headed to Downtown Orlando because well, we wanted to party like the Floridians... and boy did we party.

Bouncin back and forth from Independent Bar and Eye Spy Bar. Both bars had unique feels but both played pretty cool music. Cheap drinks, no cover til 2, and bars that don't close until 4. That's a recipe for awesome. And ya, J made sure no texts came out of my phone that night. Yay for J.

The Dance Floor at the Inde Pen Dent Bar. :D

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