Monday, March 23, 2009

*knock *knock *knock, Penny. *knock *knock *knock, Penny. *knock *knock *knock, Penny.

  • So by watching 35 episodes of The Big Bang Theory,
  • and with each episode being roughly, 22 minutes,
  • adding 5 minutes to insert the dvd and watch any trailers setting up the playback,
  • give or take about 10 seconds each episode for switching in between episodes,
  • While considering an approximate 5 potty breaks including showers averaging 10 minutes a break, during the time span,
  • and adding another 15 minutes to grab snacks and meals
  • and I'll be using a value of 1 hour as a "catch all" for any extra time wasted.
We can come to the conclusion that I spent 15.09 hours of my life focused on this show.
And you can use my equation too! It's just:
Y(time spent) = (Number of episodes x episode duration) + total setup up duration + fractional time used to episode switch (usually in seconds so divide by 60), + ('n' potty breaks * the mean potty duration) + the time used to prepare nutrients + any other miscellaneous time wasters (ie. pointless conversations).
It's rather simple really. Just make sure all your units are the same, ok?
And this doesn't even take into consideration the 3 episodes I rewatched and the bonus features featurette. But hey, who's counting. :/